We Become Silent: Last Days Of Health Freedom

The film: We Become Silent, is essential viewing for anyone who believes in health freedom and the right to life. It is becoming more obvious that the health system is dominated by corporate greed and control. It is a system in which good health outcomes are much less of a priority than most people believe or would want them to be. The true goal is mass control. In February 2006, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase, cleared my lungs and freed me from the tyranny of the ‘toxic cocktail’, known as prescription medication. My own struggle to overcome the power of this system led me to call myself: The Health-Care Survivor and to be sure that life and health are far too precious to be abdicated to an industry.

For more information, see: 2006: The Year I Got My Life Back!

I am grateful to Well TV, Good Health News TV and Naturally Healthy Publications for alerting me to this film.

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