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An Adelaide council considers seeking compensation from the Federal Government after two of its wetlands were contaminated by run-off from the nearby Edinburgh RAAF base.

Posted: December 12, 2018, 12:23 am

New research shows children are less likely to participate in physical activity due to decreased muscular fitness and confidence.

Posted: December 11, 2018, 7:44 pm

Joel Robinson is one of Australia's few producers of the beverage mead — and he is doing it with an extremely rare olfactory condition that makes almost everything smell like rotting flesh or burnt rubber.

Posted: December 11, 2018, 7:39 pm

After being diagnosed with MS, Andrea Zorbalas was told to prepare for life in a wheelchair. Instead, she got a second opinion and found a spot in a life-changing trial.

Posted: December 11, 2018, 7:18 pm

Ahead of a planned national referendum on recreational marijuana use, the New Zealand Government is clearing the way for terminally ill patients to access cannabis without facing the possibility of prosecution.

Posted: December 11, 2018, 7:28 am

Chemical testing is underway on fruit and vegetables grown at a South Australian fire station, as the Department of Defence releases its report into PFAS contamination at the Edinburgh RAAF base.

Posted: December 11, 2018, 6:46 am
Posted: December 11, 2018, 12:50 am
Posted: December 11, 2018, 12:50 am
Posted: December 11, 2018, 12:50 am

You know the symptoms well enough, but what's actually happening inside your body when you have food poisoning? A new study sheds some light on this, and could lead to better treatment for severe symptoms.

Posted: December 10, 2018, 10:37 pm

Jamie Blake and Stephanie Mackay, who were charged after growing their own cannabis to treat their son for autism, escape conviction despite pleading guilty.

Posted: December 10, 2018, 6:47 am

For many children with autism, trying to visit Santa in a noisy shopping centre can turn into a stressful and overwhelming experience, but a new program offers families a calm and peaceful alternative.

Posted: December 10, 2018, 3:46 am

While parents worry about their kids exchanging explicit images online, researchers believe the key to protecting them is good communication, not snooping on their phone.

Posted: December 9, 2018, 11:17 pm

Melbourne scientists spearhead a global study to see whether the use of gas anaesthetics on cancer patients who undergo surgery could contribute to a higher risk of the cancer recurring.

Posted: December 9, 2018, 3:16 am

After decades of failed attempts to rejuvenate the dying Ipswich CBD and millions of dollars lost on promised upgrades that never eventuated, Ipswich City Council says a new plan to turn large swathes of the inner-city into aged care and health facilities will be the injection of life locals are waiting for.

Posted: December 9, 2018, 2:38 am
Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:21 pm
Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:21 pm
Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:21 pm
Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:21 pm

Western Australia's Mid West might be known better for its pink lakes and bright fields of yellow canola than its international sporting prowess, but one group is trying to change its reputation.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:21 pm

In her teens, Tara Harrison was so exhausted she missed out on almost a full year of school. Now she knows the cause, and the treatment comes with an added bonus from which the entire health system benefits.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 10:18 pm

A 1980s television show based in remote Australia prompted one nurse to pack her bags and move across the world to help save lives.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 9:30 pm

Gym classes often involve being yelled at by an enthusiastic instructor, but that can be tough to follow if you're deaf.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 8:00 pm

Diabetic patients in Adelaide requiring dual organ transplants faced the prospect of gruelling trips to Melbourne and Sydney for surgery and then recovery — until now.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 4:49 am

A man stuns doctors by coughing up a 15-centimetre-wide blood clot from his lungs in the near-perfect shape of his right bronchial tree, before dying a week later.

Posted: December 8, 2018, 1:24 am
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