Annalisa Barbieri: in 10 years as an agony aunt, this is what you’ve asked most

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2018)

From dysfunctional siblings to teen trouble and sexless marriages – my inbox has recurring themes

Ten autumns ago, I started writing the Guardian’s advice column. The leaf-fall of letters and emails quickly settled into distinctive piles, the largest of which I hardly dared give a name to. By spring, I had a thick folder that I couldn’t ignore, labelled: Mum love gone bad. There were other piles, too, other recurring themes – dysfunctional sibling relationships, dealing with teenagers and lots about sex in long-term relationships.

So when I was asked to contribute to a conversation special, I thought about the questions I am asked most often, and the conversations – or lack of – behind them. These are the conversations I wish the people who write in could have with those causing them pain.

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