Why Did You Stop Regular Updates Of You Personal Story At The End Of 2009?

In fact, I continued to write regular updates to My Serrapeptase Adventure, throughout the first six months of 2010. After a while, I noticed that most of the posts in 2010 were very similar and that they did not contain any real news.

My condition had been stable throughout most of the previous year, and it became apparent to me that 2010 was likely to be no different. I Considered this to be good news because it meant that my life, time, and energy, would not be consumed by my own health. At last, I could look forward to a future, in which I could put my experiences to good use, without my life being dominated by them.

I decided that it made more sense to delete the posts from 2010, which I considered not to add any value to an otherwise strong story. I have been honoured to learn that My Serrapeptase Adventure has inspired people, from around the world, ever since I first shared my journey towards naturally sustainable good health, and my escape from the tyranny of the toxic cocktail of prescription medication, in 2006.

I believe that the four life-changing, and life-saving years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, stand stronger as they are, without adding to the blog, for the sake of marking time.

I will, however, continue to add information about relevant research, which can usefully add to the information value of My Serrapeptase Adventure, whenever it is appropriate to do so. I will also continue to post details of the occasional media coverage my story receives. In time, I will also post details of my forthcoming book.