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The Washington Post Wellness section provides coverage and analysis of health, healthcare, nutrition, wellness and fitness news, trends and policy. Post Wellness also includes discussions and blogs about major health issues.

Athletes, doctors and coaches seek to change attitudes in a sport where many put an outsize emphasis on weight and a specific body type.
Weight stigma can keep some individuals away from the doctor’s office, resulting in more health problems in the future.
In a study, white adolescents slept longer and more deeply than their peers; Asian adolescents slept the least.
Our phones can make us distracted, stressed and depressed. A growing number of apps aim to help us reclaim our lives.
The drug will be used to treat two rare, severe forms of childhood epilepsy that cause uncontrolled seizures.
Approval of the medication, intended for childhood epilepsy, could lead to reclassification of cannabidiol, or CBD.
A Russian woman took selfies showing a parasitic worm migrating beneath her face.
The authors believe runners may gain protection from muscle development, body weight control, decreased levels of inflammatory agents and the well-known bone strengthening that follows moderate-impact sports.
Jade eggs, f-bombs and B12 shots to the glutes: Scenes from the star’s sold-old summit, 10 years after launching a wellness empire.
Gone are the willowy Spandex-wearing workout queens of the early ’90s. Instead, today’s craze seems geared toward confidence and strength, as well as sex appeal.
Bringing kids into the kitchen with you can build fond family memories.
A research team recommends an hour-long regimen that boils down to: sit, walk, sweat.
Athletes, doctors and coaches seek to change attitudes in a sport where many put an outsize emphasis on weight and a specific body type.
We asked experts about a study that recommends a change in guidelines for alcohol consumption.
Unwelcome elements can lurk in otherwise-virtuous items such as brown rice and tuna.
Although not intending to, you could be straying into painful, unhealthy or inappropriate territory.
Gymnema is being studied as a possible treatment for diabetes. In tea or lozenges, it may help control your sweet tooth.
Take these steps to prepare your home, your children and yourself.
Avoid the grocery aisle and try making these crispy treats at home.
The Swedish practice of collecting trash while jogging is moving into the U.S. Here’s how to do it.
D.C. health officials said the shop failed to comply with rules tied to real-time sales reporting.
Barbara Ehrenreich highlights the limits of preventive medicine, yoga and paleo diets.
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