2009: A Year Of Stability And Growing Confidence

This year has been one in which my medical condition has remained stable, with minor improvements, but it has been one in which my confidence has grown.

January 3rd marked the first full day of the fourth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure.

February 18th was another milestone. It was the first full day of my fourth year, free from the ‘toxic cocktail,’ popularly known as prescription medication.

I continue to be inspired by the fact that Serrapeptase began to free me from my symptoms within hours, and then, within weeks, from the medications, which I now believe may have been known and expected to cause or worsen them.

April: On April 17th, as part of my research, I visited my optometrist. I intended to discuss the technicalities of the test procedures used by optometrists in the UK.

As I have said before, it is often difficult to convert the scores given by visual acuity tests, into useful information for daily life. When one tries to apply this information to everyday life, it becomes challenging to find agreement, even amongst professionals, about the best way to do this.

After some detailed, and useful, discussion our conversation turned to my own condition, and I was offered an unexpected eye test. My improving eyesight is one of the most remarkable hallmarks of My Serrapeptase Adventure.

The tests showed that my eyesight has remained stable, with the possibility of a very slight improvement in my near acuity, used for reading. The optometrist suggested that although the mechanics of my sight were stable, it was clear that I was finding the reading test much easier, and that this might show an improvement in my visual perception.

For the first time, I am delighted that the optometrist suggested that the improvement in my visual perception is worthy of further research.

May: On May 6th, I received a reply, from The Institute of Optometry to some of my questions. The Institute is not able to offer specific advice about my condition or to comment upon the details of my adventure. Thankfully, the information I have received includes a detailed explanation of two widely used measures of distance visual acuity: The Snellen Chart and notation, most used in the UK and The LogMar Chart and notation, most used in North America.

The advantage of The LogMar rather than the traditional Snellen notation is that LogMar allows analysis of visual acuity scores more effectively and comparisons of results more precisely.

I am still hopeful that I will find an equally logical scale, which can be used to interpret near acuity results. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn more about the processes and impact of visual perception upon the way I can now see and understand the world around me.

June: The day that sparks flew was June 15th. I was narrowly missed by a lightning strike. Once I recovered from the shock of such an enormously loud sound, and a bright flash, I realised that even this drama was another opportunity to learn more about my improving health.

It is difficult to imagine that there is anyone who would not have been shocked by such an experience. cerebral palsy still makes me prone to jump (spasm) in response to unexpected sounds, or suddenly changing light levels, so, of course, I jumped at least twice… and it hurt for a few seconds. My surprise came when I realised what my body was not doing.

Since the earliest days of My Serrapeptase Adventure, I have been thrilled that I do not jump as much as I used to and that when I do, it does not usually hurt anymore. On this rare occasion, when I did have spasms, which hurt, I expected my body to respond similarly to the way it would have when painful spasms were a daily event. Thankfully, I was wrong. The spasms only lasted for a few seconds, rather than the several hours, with which I was so familiar. Even more surprisingly, they did not spread throughout my body or lock my spine.

July: In July, I made it to my 40th birthday! Now, more than halfway through the fourth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure, as I look ahead to my fourth decade of life and beyond, it still amazes me to know that I have a future.

My joy did not come from reaching a certain age. It was drawn from countless gifts of time, kindness, and opportunities to learn, which My Serrapeptase Adventure continues to represent. I have been given a chance to reflect upon the awesome power and determination of people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to make each day better and each person stronger.

July was also the time for me to renew my gym membership, which was another boost to my confidence.

August: On August 6th, I had the pleasure of being invited, to join The Power Hour, to update the show’s regular listeners with my progress. I also discussed my decision not to accept the swine flu vaccination.

On August 14th, my gym session was remarkably successful, and it offered me the best evidence, so far, of my progress.

The weight, or resistance, used in every exercise has been significantly increased, making the exercises more difficult and therefore, I hope, more effective. The most significant single increase has been to the resistance setting for the abdominal toning machine, which has been doubled.

For the first time, I was able to get out of my wheelchair to use one of the machines (known as a hand bike). Until then, it has had to be adjusted so that I can use it while staying in my wheelchair, for safety reasons. Although the exercise itself has not changed, the fact that I can use another one of the machines (in a seated position) in the same way as any other gym member would do, marks another milestone for me.

September: On September 4th I received information, from a qualified source, which suggests that I may, at least, have good enough reason to be relieved to be free of some, if not all, of the medications.

It is not at all surprising that the information I have been given is full of qualifications and caveats, but set against the background of my own experience, the message is as clear as I can expect it to be, in the circumstances.

My intention here is not to imply cause and effect between specific medications and the symptoms from which My Serrapeptase Adventure has rescued me, as this information is far too limited to form the basis of any firm conclusions. However, I do believe that it offers a fascinating glimpse of why my health improved so dramatically, once I was able, safely to stop taking prescription medication.

October: On October 14th, I was honoured to receive a video from Robert Redfern, author of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase – The 2nd Gift from Silkworms. In the video, Robert discusses my adventure so far, and, modestly, gives a glimpse of his part in it.

On October 28th, I was thrilled to receive the 2009 edition of Robert’s book, which introduces my adventure with the title, From Wheelchair To Wings. It is a fantastic complement to have my story shared in this way.

December: By December 1st, I found the confidence to answer some recurring questions that people have asked, in several ways, since the start of my adventure.

I am often asked if I will want, or need, to take Serrapeptase and my other natural supplements for the rest of my life. My answer is:

… The years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far, have been filled with:

  • Life-changing and measurable improvements in my health
  • The opportunity to move away from medically controlled symptoms towards naturally sustained good health
  • The gift of learning from remarkable people around the world
  • The pleasure of seeing the awe-inspiring beauty of the world with fresh eyes in stunning detail, which I never thought would be possible
  • The welcome challenge of looking forward to a future filled with opportunities, which I would not have dared to dream about before the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure

I am sure that most people would agree with me that these are reasons to celebrate, but I am confident that there are more to come…

I am left in no doubt that I will need, and be happy, to take Serrapeptase forever.

2009 was a year of stability and growing confidence. It has also convinced me that I am now ready to put my gift of naturally good health to practical use. Next year, I am looking forward to concentrating on research and writing.

Last Checked/Updated: August 1, 2021.

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