A Visual Feast Of Awe-Inspiring Beauty

2007 has been a fantastic year! A year in which the smallest detail became a visual feast and the awe-inspiring beauty of open spaces was shown to me with crystal clarity for the first time in my life.

The second year of My Serrapeptase Adventure has been dominated by my improving eyesight and visual perception. From the very beginning, my adventure has been full of surprises, but my ability to see new things for the first time and familiar things with new clarity is, perhaps, the most exciting and unexpected of them all.

For the first time, I have been able to recognise the faces of friends from a distance, which is giving me a curious mixture of the familiarity of established friendships, combined with the excitement of seeing someone for the first time; because they have literally looked different, each time my eyesight has improved.

In the autumn, my visit to The Lake District provided me with a new opportunity to be inspired by the world’s natural beauty. Although I have been fortunate to live in some of England’s most beautiful places and to visit many others around the world, it has not been until this year that I have been able to see much of it for myself.

I have been most excited by being able to find beauty in the most intricate detail and the magnificence of open space. It is inspiring to see that the glint in the eye of a smiling friend is as beautiful as the best-known natural wonders of the world.

My Serrapeptase Adventure will always be, at its heart, the story of Serrapeptase, the ‘miracle’ enzyme that gave me my life back and set me on the path to improving health in 2006. I look forward to 2008, I am sure that there is more to discover and I look forward to the challenges of the adventure ahead. This year, however, has taught me a priceless lesson. The search for good health has so much more to offer than the freedom from illness. It is as much about new insight as new eyesight and as much about new hope as new health.

I am, as always, grateful to all those of you who have enabled, and continue to inspire, My Serrapeptase Adventure. I hope that you know that the gift of health, which each of you has shared with me, is a precious thing, for which I will always be grateful. I believe, however, that the gift of an entirely new view, both figuratively and literally, of the world must be among the most powerful gifts to give and the most inspiring to receive. It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the unique part you have played in this fantastic year… the year the world looked different.

There are many people, whose kindness has made this year possible. In particular, I would like to thank:

Robert Redfern (Naturally Healthy Publications)
David Meyer (Good Health Naturally)
Joyce Riley (The Power Hour)
Perry A~ (The Living Clay Company)
Ronnie Natali (Fitness Coach)


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