Building Upon The Foundations Of Good Health

Today is January 3, 2010. Welcome to the fifth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure. I look forward to sharing all the milestones and new developments of the year ahead, but I hope that this year will take a new and exciting direction.

It is now time for me to build upon the firm foundations of the past four years of naturally sustained good health, and to put them to good use. Throughout my adventure, I have continued to be fascinated to learn all that I can. During this year I will be embarking upon formal and detailed research. I will publish a full description of the project in the next week or two. I intend to explore the scientific background to the two distinct elements of my adventure, so far.

I want to understand the processes by which a proteolytic enzyme, Serrapeptase, started and sustained, what I am certain is a life-saving cascade of changes, by which I have returned to and surpassed the good health I once enjoyed.

Although my recovery is a fantastic gift, my improved eyesight and still improving visual perception is different. My eyesight was impaired from birth, as a direct result of the congenital impact of cerebral palsy. This means that improvements in my sight, and particularly in my visual perception, represent the development of new abilities that are even more remarkable than the recovery of old ones.

I am also determined to complete the writing of most, if not all, of The Disability Maze Books, this year.

I am sure that these are ambitious goals, but I am thrilled to be able to start a new year and a new decade, with the confidence to set them and to build upon the foundations of good health.

Do not fear the past; you have already survived it, and its lessons may deepen your understanding. Do not fear the future; you have not reached it, but its potential may inspire your resolve. You may choose to change today, but choose with care; by tomorrow your choices will be the lessons of yesterday.

Mike Tawse

Quotation from Thought For The Day: New Year’s Day, 2010.


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