Colloidal Silver: A Progress Report

I took Colloidal Silver for the first time eight days ago today (August 23, 2006) to overcome the remnants of a minor chest infection, without reverting to prescription medication. After taking the silver orally for eight days, I am delighted to report that it appears to have worked very well.

I have also been using the Colloidal Silver as a topical spray on some old surgical scars and some warts on my hands. It looks to me as though it has the desired effect slowly but surely against warts. I have also noticed the early signs of improvement in the condition of my feet and, in particular, my toenails.

It is encouraging to have found something, which appears to play such an essential role in supporting the body’s own natural defenses and balance.


In March 2011, Colloidal Silver was replaced by Hydrosol Silver: a fantastic alternative to Antibiotics. Biomedical research has shown that Hydrosol Silver Ions can help combat bacteria, virus or fungal infections. Also, resistant strains fail to develop when using silver as a treatment and at the correct concentration; it is virtually non-toxic to humans.


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