EU, Stop Killing Me With Your Undemocratic Directives

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Mike Tawse:
The Health-Care Survivor
Naturally Healthy Publications: July 2010

The one-way journey to Switzerland has been a constant feature in the press over recent years. Relatives of those who have upheld their ‘right to die’ have had media coverage and public sympathy has been on their side. But what about the right to live with vitality and to possess natural good health? The right of individual choice between a life that is led abundantly or precariously survived? True health is far more than freedom from disease, it is defined clearly by WHO. as being:

‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

Part of that right is to be able to purchase life enhancing natural food supplements. Something a critical mass would expect to enjoy is being destroyed by [EU] regulators in the pockets of, or at least under the influence, paid representatives of, drug and pharmaceutical companies. These agencies are hell bent on reducing the freedom of making our own informed choices. Consumers are being forced to plead for the fundamental right to life; people like Mike Tawse may die without key nutritional supplements. For if these draconian laws come into being that, is exactly how it will be. Mike’s story charts a journey from death’s door to a joyful and fulfilling existence. For years his body struggled to survive the onslaught of up to fourteen different pharmaceutical drugs. Born with cerebral palsy, he suffered attendant cardio/respiratory problems. The medical professionals gradually increased his medication in a last-ditch attempt to keep him alive and were failing. It appeared that he would have only a few years before his body gave way to the strain. The turning point came when Mike was persuaded by one of his friends to start taking an enzyme called Serrapeptase, which was achieving a reputation for its power as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and for clearing inflamed tissue in the body. Mike’s response was incredibly swift. His lung function and heart rate returned to normal, even the condition of his skin seemed improved. As the months passed and he took increasing responsibility for his well being, Mike stopped taking his prescription medications. He learned that many of his symptoms were known, and even expected, side effects of all these medications, which he took before turning to Serrapeptase. A visit to his doctor and checks of his heart function, blood pressure and lung function, confirmed them as normal. It was agreed that he was very unlikely to need prescription medication ever again and even less to want it. The young man who sat in a wheelchair, wondering when he was going to die and whether he actually cared, recently celebrated another birthday. He said:‘

The search for good health has so much more to offer than freedom from illness. It is as much about new insight as new eyesight and as much about new hope as new health… It is impossible for a man to be truly free if he will not think for himself… Mike Tawse.’

The ban on nutritional supplements would cause thousands of people distress and close many health food stores. Most serious of all, it could undermine the most fundamental right of everyone: to live long and healthily. The right to life and health is a legal right according to The European Convention on Human Rights and yet the unelected bureaucrats arbitrarily seek to take away these rights without any investigation of the safety of the nutrients, many which have been safely used for over 50 years. Despite this, these bureaucrats, demand that an impossible amount of over £100,000 is spent by any supplier to prove their worth and safety, without considering the implications for sufferers such as Mike Tawse.

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