Feeling Fantastic At 40!

Wow! It is July 2009, I made it to my 40th birthday, and I feel fantastic!

In the final few months of 2005, leading up to the beginning of My Serrapeptase Adventure (January 2006), I was surviving on a day-to-day basis, and I was surprised each time I survived another week.

Now, more than halfway through the fourth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure, as I look ahead to my fifth decade of life and beyond, it still amazes me to know that I have a future. I am sure that it will be a future filled with opportunities and challenges. I look forward to continuing to learn from the fantastic people who have enabled and inspired My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far, and to meeting new people in the months and years to come. My adventure continues to surprise me and to offer me new lessons every day. Among the most important lessons, I have learnt so far are:

Every problem is an invitation to search for a new understanding and its solution is an invitation to learn from the experience.

Mike Tawse
Thought For The Day, August 16th 2008

I believe that knowledge, freely and honestly shared, is a gift and it can be an inspiration. Imagine what we could ALL achieve, if each of us accepted the gift and opportunity to inspire just one other person. To the world, each one of us would still just be one person, but, for one person, each of us could change the world. My Serrapeptase Adventure and the kindness of all those who enable and inspire it, continue to provide proof of what can be achieved when knowledge is shared as a gift.

Mike Tawse
Thought For The Day, August 11th 2008

My joy does not come from reaching a certain age. It is drawn from countless gifts of time, kindness and opportunities to learn, which My Serrapeptase Adventure continues to represent. My adventure is, of course, the ongoing story of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase, but above all, I have been given another opportunity to reflect on the awesome power of the determination of people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to make each day better and each person stronger.

I am Feeling Fantastic At 40!

Have a Great Day!


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