From MaxiFocus To Minute Detail

At last, I think I have made sense of the multitude of measurements, which I have been given during recent eye tests.

It looks as though the smallest print size that I can actually read (outside test conditions) is 4 point. For those of you who prefer traditional measurements, this means a print size of 4/72 of one inch.

Of course, I will keep you informed of any further progress, but for me, the most critical question to answer is what has led to this remarkable improvement, which has developed since November 2006?

I am still trying to find a definitive medical opinion, and I will be fascinated if one ever emerges. I believe, however, that the improvements in my eyesight and visual perception are, perhaps, among the most remarkable elements of My Serrapeptase Adventure. I grew up believing that poor vision and limited visual perception were an integral part of cerebral palsy and something, which had to be accepted, without question.

Curcumin provided me with the first clue that improvement would be possible and, even better, that it would be sustained. During one of the many eye tests, to which I have been subjected during the last 18 months, one optometrist admitted, somewhat grudgingly, that lutein may be having a positive effect on the functioning of my eyes. For me, this was enough to let me know that MaxiFocus was beginning to have a measurable impact.

For some time, I have been hearing about people who have experienced dramatic improvements in their eyesight after taking MaxiFocus for some considerable time. I was introduced to MaxiFocus in November 2006. It is difficult to know exactly when its impact began. I am in no doubt, however, that the combination of Curcumin and MaxiFocus with Serrapeptase and the general improvement in my health, which started within the first two days of My Serrapeptase Adventure have all played their part and continue to do so. I am still surprised every time I see how different people, places, and objects look now that I am able to see them properly.


When I started to take MaxiFocus, the formulation included vinpocetine, which has been used in clinical practice for over 20 years in Hungary and other countries by people with cerebrovascular disorders and related symptoms, making it of particular interest to me, with reference to cerebral palsy.

In July 2009, vinpocetine was removed from the formulation of MaxiFocus. A positive result of this change was a distinct improvement in flavour, making the product more pleasant to take. I am pleased, however, that vinpocetine is still available in ReFocus, which supports mental function by increasing neuronal firing rate.


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