From Wheelchair To Cartwheels: By Jenny Pulling

Regular readers will know that I am happy to report what other people are saying about My Serrapeptase Adventure. I have just received the following article, written for Naturally Healthy Publications, by Jenny Pulling. Jenny has given her personal view of the first two years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, which continues to this day.

Naturally Healthy Publications: June 2008

‘Ripples on water, the myriad shapes of leaves and plants: because of my poor eyesight I never expected to see these beauties. They were limited to my imagination based on friends’ descriptions. Now everything has changed, I am seeing the world with fresh eyes.’ This poetic description of Mike Tawse’s regained sight marks the latest chapter in his Serrapeptase Adventure.
The inspiring story of one man’s victory over his life-threatening health condition even persuaded Robert Redfern to rename his book The Miracle Enzyme is Serrapeptase. Says Robert: ‘I was finally convinced to change the name of the book and to create an accompanying web site when the story of Mike Tawse first surfaced.’

It begins in December 2005, The scene: a ground floor flat near Manchester University, The 36 year old sits in his wheelchair – as he has for the previous ten years – and wonders if he will have (or wants) another year of life. Born with cerebral palsy he is now hardly able to speak, the fluid from his lungs nearly choking him, his heart and lungs failing. His concerned friends are so anxious they have discussed what arrangements he wants for his funeral.

The turning point came on January 3, 2006 when Mike was persuaded to start taking 2 SerraPlus+ [Serra Enzyme] tablets twice a day. A friend had heard how an enzyme called Serrapeptase was achieving a reputation for its power as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and for clearing inflamed tissue in the body. What followed is an incredible journey, spanning two years, that has taken Mike from a purgatory of illness to the joy of health.

He started a blog, (My Serrapeptase Adventure) which became an ongoing message of inspiration. As he says: ‘The reason for putting my story out there was not so much for myself but worth it if just one person read it and was persuaded to try this route.’

Results came thick and fast. 24 Feb 2006 Mike wrote: ‘for the last seven days, my lung function has been great. It has been no lower than 500 litres per minute, and usually around 530 litres. It seems to me that it may well be settling. My heart rate remains normal, and even the condition of my skin seems improved. I have now completely stopped all my prescription medication and continue to feel stronger, eating and sleeping better.’

May 25, 2006. This is a celebratory blog as Mike describes his ‘first twenty steps’. ‘For several weeks, I have been experimenting with standing, with crutches, but not had the confidence to walk. After recovering from a stomach bug, I got back on my feet thinking I would stand for a few minutes, and that would be that. After about five minutes, my phone rang. Without conscious thought, I found I had taken the 20 steps to answer it. It was yet another sign I was regaining control over my condition instead of it having control over me.’

Life, which had seemed to be diminishing, now opened up. Mike was invited onto The Power Hour, an American talk show hosted by Joyce Riley. She had previously interviewed Robert Redfern about help for cerebral palsy. He described Mike’s experience.

Says Mike: ‘Joyce has a strong spiritual faith. One of the questions she asked me was ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ I replied, ‘If I didn’t in the past I do now.’

Five months later, he wrote: ‘After careful, detailed checks of my heart function, blood pressure and lung function, all confirmed as normal, it has been agreed that I am very unlikely to need prescribed medication ever again.’

As Mike points out, there is a lot of confusion surrounding cerebral palsy. There are people who believe it is an illness that can be cured, whereas it is a condition that, as he has proved, can be ameliorated. However, the dramatic improvement in his eyesight and visual perception remains a mystery factor. This second year of Mike’s Serrapeptase Adventure has undoubtedly been dominated by this event. He feels it is the most exciting and unexpected of all.

‘It is obvious to me that the problems with my heart, lung function and digestive system were most likely caused or exacerbated by the medication I was given to manage symptoms. Serrapeptase gave me a way of managing my condition without them and the chance to recover from their effects.

My development of depth perception is very different. The reason why I have never experienced it before is a direct result of the underlying brain damage. To the best of my knowledge, it is not possible to recover a skill never previously available. The dramatic improvement in my vision remains the mystery factor.

Robert Redfern described Serrapeptase as ‘the miracle enzyme’; it is a description I believe is well deserved.’

Jenny Pulling

Thank you, Jenny. It was a pleasure to talk with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

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