Happy, Healthy New Year!

Today is January 3rd, 2011. Welcome to the first day of the sixth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure. I am amazed to find that I have reached another anniversary of the day I took Serrapeptase for the first time, in 2006.

I am sure that this year will be another one, filled with challenges and opportunities and I look forward to meeting them all. My Serrapeptase Adventure continues to be the story of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme that transformed my life, and which continues to keep me free of the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication, allowing me to maintain my focus upon a natural approach to good health. I am equally confident that the coming year will be one in which I will continue to learn from the many remarkable people who have inspired and enabled my adventure, so far. Continue Reading

The Story About The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Spreading Rapidly

I would like to thank Naturally Healthy News, for publishing the following press release.

Mike Tawse:
The Health-Care Survivor
Naturally Healthy News: November 2010

The story of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme of the silkworm is spreading rapidly around the world and saving lives.

The research on the clinical use of Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory has produced a long list of ailments that this amazing enzyme is treating. It is restoring the health of scores of people without the use of prescription medication and without harmful side effects.

Nutritionist and author Robert Redfern wrote The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme after studying the enzyme and its effects on people around the world.

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A Dying Man Is Saved And Credits Serrapeptase

Naturally Health News: October 2010

Mike Tawse has had many challenges in his life. He was disabled at birth by cerebral palsy that also caused poor eyesight to the point that most considered him blind. He was given up for adoption by his American mother and was adopted by a British family and lost all contact with his beginnings.

In 1994, his health took a turn for the worse and illness progressed through his body for the next decade, and chipped away at his organs, his muscles and his resolve to live.

By 2005, Mike was on 14 prescription medications to maintain his painful existence and doctors did not give him much hope.

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Study Ties Cerebral Palsy To Inflammation And Blood Clotting Abnormalities

In January 2010, I wrote that:

There is now some research, based upon studies of newborns, suggesting that inflammation may be amongst the underlying causes of cerebral palsy.

Referring to the remarkable improvements in my eyesight and visual perception, which are, perhaps, the most amazing gifts of My Serrapeptase Adventure because both were damaged by the congenital brain damage of cerebral palsy and the fact that prevailing medical opinion is that such damage cannot be overcome; I asked the question:

Does this mean that the remarkable enzyme, Serrapeptase, can overcome the impact of congenital brain damage?

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Serrapeptase And Curcumin Made Easy

Making The Switch To Serranol

I have taken Serrapeptase and Curcumin every day for several years and, as regular readers know, they have transformed my health and given me back my life.

I was excited to be introduced to Serranol, which combines the complementary powers of Curcumin and Serrapeptase with Ecklonia Cava and vitamin D3, into a single product that is easier and simpler for me to take. For some time now, I have taken Serrapeptase and Curcumin at the same time because I have found them to be gentler on my stomach when taken together than they are separately.

Serranol makes it so much easier for me to get the maximum benefits from both products. Continue Reading