Introducing Serranol

Serranol is a new combined formulation of Serrapeptase, Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava and vitamin D3.

The life-changing gifts of Serrapeptase and Curcumin are well known to me, as they formed the basis of the first two years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, setting me on the path to naturally sustained good health.

In 2006, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase, cleared my lungs and freed me from the tyranny of the ‘toxic cocktail,’ known as prescription medication. By November 2006, with the power of Curcumin, I was thrilled to be able to report the start of my improving eyesight, which was the dominant story of the following year. Continue Reading

EU, Stop Killing Me With Your Undemocratic Directives

I would like to thank Naturally Healthy Publications for issuing the following press release.

Mike Tawse:
The Health-Care Survivor
Naturally Healthy Publications: July 2010

The one-way journey to Switzerland has been a constant feature in the press over recent years. Relatives of those who have upheld their ‘right to die’ have had media coverage and public sympathy has been on their side. But what about the right to live with vitality and to possess natural good health? The right of individual choice between a life that is led abundantly or precariously survived? True health is far more than freedom from disease, it is defined clearly by WHO.

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Prescription Free, Vaccine Free, And Feeling Great!

Here comes another year… prescription free, vaccine free and feeling great! Today is February 18, 2010, the first day of my fifth year of freedom from the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication. It is not quite so long since my last vaccination, but with each passing day, and year, I am confident that I have made the right decision, for myself, to avoid both.

Before the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure, I believed that my health, and even my survival, was dependant upon a regimen of prescriptions. As I look forward to my fifth year of naturally sustained good health, one of the most potent lessons of my adventure is brought into focus, once again. Continue Reading

Serrapeptase: Understanding The Miracle

When I wrote that:

I want to understand the processes by which a proteolytic enzyme, Serrapeptase, started and sustained, what I am certain is a life-saving cascade of changes, by which I have returned to and surpassed the good health I once enjoyed.

I received more e-mails and questions than I have for a very long time. Most people were asking why, if I am happy to describe Serrapeptase as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, I am so determined to understand how it works, what its impact has been and, more interestingly, what its potential may be.

I am in no doubt that Serrapeptase is deserving of its title, given to it by Robert Redfern, The Serrapeptase Guy, who renamed his book: The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase, after hearing of My Serrapeptase Adventure in 2006 and included my remarkable return to good health in the 2009 edition. Continue Reading

Building Upon The Foundations Of Good Health

Today is January 3, 2010. Welcome to the fifth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure. I look forward to sharing all the milestones and new developments of the year ahead, but I hope that this year will take a new and exciting direction.

It is now time for me to build upon the firm foundations of the past four years of naturally sustained good health, and to put them to good use. Throughout my adventure, I have continued to be fascinated to learn all that I can. During this year I will be embarking upon formal and detailed research. I will publish a full description of the project in the next week or two. I intend to explore the scientific background to the two distinct elements of my adventure, so far. Continue Reading