Gym Update: From Strength To Strength

Today’s gym session was very successful, and it offered me the best evidence, so far, of my progress since joining the gym, in 2007.

The weight, or resistance, used in every exercise has been significantly increased, making the exercises more difficult and therefore, I hope, more effective. The most significant single increase has been to the resistance setting for the abdominal toning machine, which has been doubled, to 20 kg.

For the first time ever, today, I was able to get out of my wheelchair to use one of the machines (known as a hand bike) which until now has had to be adjusted so that I can use it while staying in my wheelchair, for safety reasons. Although the exercise itself has not changed, the fact that I am able to use another one of the machines (in a seated position) in precisely the same way as any other gym member would do, marks another milestone for me. Even this achievement was accompanied by an increase in the resistance settings used for this exercise.

I look forward to being able to report even more significant progress very soon.


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