I Am Joining A Gym!

As you will probably remember, in recent months I was disappointed by the difficulty I had trying to persuade a physiotherapist to work with me to develop my mobility and endurance. The therapist seemed more interested in hiding behind my medical history, than helping me to improve my current condition. On Monday, March 12th, I met with someone who is actually keen to help me, and monitor my progress face-to-face!

I continue to be thrilled by the improvement in my medical condition, which still regularly surprises me, thanks to the impact of Serrapeptase and Curcumin, with the ongoing support of Robert Redfern and David Meyer. My walking also continues to improve.

My progress, since beginning to work with Ronnie Natali (WeCanTogether), has been phenomenal and continues to grow steadily, but when I discovered that the physio, here in the UK, was unwilling to continue to support me, I thought I would have to to make whatever physical progress I could, without face-to-face support. I am happy to say that Monday proved me wrong.

One of my friends recommended that I visit a local gym, which is already used by a number of people with disabilities, so it is run by a team who, clearly, are not scared by the idea that people with disabilities might actually want to do something to develop their fitness and support general good health. Our first meeting was very positive, and we were able to create the beginnings of a basic programme, which complements and builds on the work I have been doing, and on the plan developed by Ronnie, but which also allows me to use some of the gym equipment. I am hopeful that this will give me a variety of exercises, which I could not have hoped for just a few short months ago.

Before I can take up full membership of the gym, I have to get the signature of my family doctor (for insurance purposes), but I am sure this will not be a problem.

Once again, I would like to thank all those who continue to support my adventure and continue to inspire me to regain control of my life and to achieve my full potential, including the team at The Power Hour. Although cerebral palsy will always impose some limits on my physical abilities. I am very grateful to be reminded that potential, motivation and hard work can overcome such high odds.


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