I Am Walking Again!

For several weeks, I have been experimenting with standing (with crutches) but not had the confidence to walk. After recovering from a stomach bug, I got back on my feet on Wednesday (24 May) thinking I would stand for a few minutes, and that would be that. After about five minutes, my phone rang so, without conscious thought, I found I had taken the 20 steps (with crutches) needed to answer it.

This might not seem like much, but for me, it may as well have been miles. Remember that for several years now, physiotherapists and a multitude of medics had told me that it was too dangerous for my heart and lungs to continue with any form of mobilisation outside of a wheelchair and that even the sort of exercise that many wheelchair users do should probably be avoided.

The truth is, of course, that before I learnt about Serrapeptase, they were right! The best way to manage cerebral palsy has always been and continues to be, with carefully monitored exercise, but my breathing and heart rate could only be relied upon for their unreliability – something that scares people rather than encouraging them to work out treatment plans.

I would like to thank Robert Redfern for his inspiring work with Serrapeptase. I am sure that he will continue to bring hope to people around the world!


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