I Have Taken My First Few Steps Outdoors!

I have been walking short but increasing distances with crutches for some time now. Until yesterday, I had always done this INDOORS, in familiar, FLAT, spaces, with carpets, so that if I fell over, I would be less likely to injure myself.

Yesterday, (April 9th) I took my first few steps OUTDOORS, and I was able to climb TWO STEPS! To top it all, I was visiting someone for the first time, so I was in unfamiliar territory as well. This was the first time that my strength, balance, and confidence have been good enough to deal with steps, using my crutches, either indoors or outdoors, since the early 1990s!

Some of you might remember that I have handled stairs indoors, some time ago but it has taken until now to be confident enough to do the same thing outdoors. It is also worth remembering that when I have to cope with stairs indoors, I do not use my crutches. Instead, I hold onto handrails, which means it is less likely that I will fall because I am holding onto something attached to the wall. Using my crutches is a very different process because I have no fixed point to hold onto. This means I am entirely relying on my own strength and balance — something that, a relatively short time ago, I thought I would never get back.

I have no idea what the next exciting step will be (excuse the pun), but I am looking forward to it, and it is a great pleasure to be able to share it with all of you.


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