Introducing The Power Of HealthPoint

When I first met Robert Redfern (Naturally Healthy Publications) and David Meyer (Good Health Naturally) in October 2006, I was briefly introduced to the power of the HealthPoint. In expert hands, it became apparent that HealthPoint could offer me a measure of freedom from spasticity, which had only previously been possible with high-strength medications. At last, I had found something, which, with just one application, provided relief of the stiffness in my spine for several hours.

Serrapeptase had removed the pain of spasticity months earlier, and it continues to keep it away, to this day, but my joints and my spine were still very stiff. In a matter of minutes, the stiffness in my spine was removed for a few hours.

Due to my poor manual dexterity, which is one of the signatures of cerebral palsy, I was not able to use the HealthPoint by myself at that time. Although I was determined to find someone to help me, my friends did not seem keen to apply the HealthPoint to me, despite many having, expressed an interest in it.

Now, in February 2008, the continued improvement in my general health and eyesight, have made my limited dexterity more usable. By using the ‘Ear Clips,’ which come with the machine, I am now able to use the HealthPoint, by myself, for the first time!

Today is the first day of using the machine by myself. I am already experiencing a fantastic level of relaxation, which no ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication ever produced. Even better, it works while I am fully alert. No prescription I have ever heard of can do that.

In time, I may learn to use the machine in other ways, but if it can continue to work as well as it has for me today, then I am thrilled!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Meyer for taking the time to talk me through the set-up and first use of the machine, over the phone last week.

I am also looking forward to reporting my progress so that Robert Redfern and I can update The Power Hour listeners, as we promised to do.

What Is HealthPoint?

HealthPoint, with the aid of the advanced location system, helps you to accurately locate acupuncture Points.

Of all traditional healing methods, acupuncture is the most widely accepted in the West – with 2,000 years of history and significant recent compelling evidence that its theories are wonderfully effective. Stimulation of acupoints with needles, massage or electro-pulses – is now a conventional treatment for a variety of painful conditions.

There are many published maps of the body’s acupuncture points (by far the best guide is Mastering Acupuncture – Simply a Safer Way) but actually locating those exact points on the body is, in practical terms, very difficult. Even experienced masters are only about 90% accurate in finding a precise acupoint needed to treat a given condition. However, all that has changed – with HealthPoint, designed with Dr Julian Kenyon MD, founder of the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

HealthPoint is a compact, battery-powered, hand-held device with a built-in detector that senses the low electrical resistance of an acupuncture point. When the tip is within 0.5 mm of an acupoint, the visual and audio indicators confirm that you have found the acupuncture point, with an accuracy that surpasses even the highly trained. Then, with the touch of a button, you will feel a definite tingling sensation only on the correct point. Use HealthPoint to enjoy the powerful benefits of acupuncture… safely, directly, with no needles, no drugs, and no side effects.

Have a Great Day. I hope you get the chance to relax today. Now that I can, with the power of the HealthPoint, I like it.


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