Joyce Riley: The Power Hour — Inspiring Change And Mike Tawse

From its very earliest days, My Serrapeptase Adventure has been as much about the kindness and inspiration of people from around the world, as it has been about my continuing search for good health.

Joyce Riley and all The Power Hour team have been, and continue to be, a constant source of information, encouragement, and inspiration. It was Joyce’s interviews with Robert Redfern, which gave me the information I needed, and the confidence to try Serrapeptase for the first time, in January 2006, long before my eyesight was good enough to read the information for myself.

It is for this reason that I am in no doubt that without The Power Hour, my life would have been very different, and I may not have survived at all. Regular readers and listeners to the show will often have heard me taking every opportunity I get to thank Joyce and the team for their continued support.

Joyce has been happy to tell my story and to give me an opportunity to share it, as often as possible, however, this evening I was given another rare and welcome gift. For the first time ever, Joyce has recorded her very personal view of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far, and of the part, which she, Dave and all The Power Hour team continue to have within it.

It is my privilege to invite you to listen to the following 11-minute recording and, once again, to thank Joyce for her kindness to me.

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