Making The Switch To SerraPlus+

Yesterday I received my first pack of SerraPlus+, a new Serrapeptase formula. SerraPlus+ contains the same high dose of Serrapeptase (40,000 IU), which is found in Serra Enzyme Mega Caps, but in SerraPlus+, it is combined with 73 trace minerals and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

MSM is a naturally occurring sulphur compound and a derivative of DSMO, composed of 34% bio-available sulphur. It supports the integrity of healthy mucous membranes and is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin, the primary proteins in hair, skin, and nails. MSM also plays an essential role in the formation of bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

MSM is primarily used for its natural and remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, which are especially useful in alleviating pain, joint inflammation, muscle spasms, allergies, and gastrointestinal inflammation. Its maintenance of healthy cell membranes helps prevent allergies and support normal lung function.

Although it is prevalent in fruits and vegetables, MSM is destroyed by heat and processing, and the amount of MSM found in cells throughout the body decreases significantly, as we age.

I am very much looking forward to finding out what difference this new formula makes. I understand that the trace minerals make the Serrapeptase more easily absorbed. I will also be interested to see the effect of MSM on my skin, digestive system and the muscle spasms, which, although already reducing, are still a daily part of cerebral palsy.

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