Medication Is A Distant Memory

Today, February 18, 2009, is another milestone in My Serrapeptase Adventure. It is the first full day of my fourth year, free from the ‘toxic cocktail,’ popularly known as prescription medication.

I continue to be inspired by the fact that Serrapeptase began to free me from my symptoms within hours, and then, within weeks, from the medications, which I now believe may have been known and expected to cause, or worsen them.

I still have so much to learn about how The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase, is able to have such a wide-ranging impact upon my health, but I am enjoying the challenge. As the memory of medication becomes more distant, I continue to replace it with older, happier memories, and I look forward to continuing to add the new ones, which come from a future filled with opportunities and enthusiasm for life.

It is often said, “…knowledge is power,” but for me, strength is drawn from inspiration and the gift of learning from others. My Serrapeptase Adventure is still enabled and inspired by people, from around the world, whose willingness to share their knowledge should be an example to us all, and one for which I am grateful every day.


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