Mike Tawse — Against all the Odds By David Meyer

Regular readers will know that I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement of David Meyer. David has written a short article giving his personal view of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far. It is my pleasure to include it here, in full and in David’s own words.

It is said that all men are born equal, but some are more equal than others are. Anyone who has met Mike, or read his story can be in no doubt that he fell into the less equal category at birth.

His life has been one long struggle against pain and his own body. To say that he has borne this with fortitude and courage is an understatement. He has had another struggle however, against the prevailing opinion that nothing can be done to help him, other than endless operations and drugs to control the symptoms.

I have no doubt that the medical profession was acting in what they felt were Mike’s best interests, but the fact is that many of the operations failed and many of the drugs only made him worse, requiring more drugs to counter-balance the side effects. Small wonder then that when we first met in February 2006, Mike was in a mess, with little to look forward to. The only light on the horizon was that he had started taking Serrapeptase and noticed some improvement within a few days, albeit with a long way to go.

Even the most optimistic of us at Good Health Naturally, could not have foreseen the incredible progress that he has achieved since then. Barely a week goes by without some more good news. I was privileged to meet him in person and was struck by his obvious strength of character (not to mention his handshake!), which has given him the will power to challenge the hand life dealt him.

Success breeds success and Mike continues to seek out new ways to move forward and confound the doctors. His story must make him the ultimate role-model, not just for people with cerebral palsy or other disabling disease, but for anyone who faces adversity in life and for all of us who doubt our ability to achieve our goals.

I always enjoy speaking to Mike and about him and I know that he has inspired many people to view life in a more positive way. He is now without doubt in the ‘more equal’ category.

Thanks Mike!
David Meyer

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