Mike Tawse And His Amazing Journey — The Power News Network: Spring 2008 Edition

I would like to thank Joyce Riley, and all at The Power Hour, for their continued encouragement, and interest in My Serrapeptase Adventure. Recently, I received a very generous gift, from Joyce and the team, including several fascinating and informative books, covering a variety of natural health related topics. Also included, with the books, was a copy of the latest edition of The Power News Network, which contains the following article.

In December 2005, in a small ground floor flat near Manchester University, 36-year-old Mike Tawse was sitting in his wheelchair — as he had done for the previous ten years — and wondering if he was to have (or wanted) another year of life. Mike, a valued TPH listener, was born with Cerebral Palsy, and although he had battled to live a normal life, the problems that accompany CP had over taken his will. He sat, hardly able to speak, with fluid from his lungs nearly choking him, his heart, and lungs failing. The medical professionals had gradually increased his medication to fourteen drugs in a last-ditch attempt to keep him alive, and all were failing. He had already had several transient ischaemic attacks (mini strokes), asthma, sinus tachycardia, and various digestive problems that were so severe that surgery was considered, despite the potential risks.

Luckily, Mike had friends who were very concerned about him. They were so concerned they had discussed what arrangements he wanted for his funeral. One of them was listening to the local radio station and heard a local pharmacist, named Dennis Gore, tell of the dramatic results his clients were getting with a product called SerraPlus+, from Good Health Naturally (GHN). This is an enzyme called Serrapeptase (SerraEzyme) that was getting a reputation for its power as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, and for clearing inflamed tissue in the body. Mike’s friend was very impressed, not so much by the technical details, but by the passion that the pharmacist used when he spoke about it. Mike’s friend suggested that he should give this a try — particularly for the pain mike was enduring — especially as the pharmacist said there were no side effects. They had no proof, but after much research, decided on January 3, 2006 that there was nothing to lose by trying it. Mike started on 2 tablets twice a day. He wasn’t expecting much, but what happened next shook him.

Within a few days, the pain started to go, his breathing got easier, and his lung capacity measurably improved by 30%. These improvements continued and by February 2006, he knew it was not his imagination. He was stronger in his whole body, and he was daring to believe that something spectacular was happening.

Mike decided to contact Good Health Naturally and find out what was happening, and to ask more about SerraEzyme [Serrapeptase]. He spoke to David Meyer, who gave him an overview as to why SerraEzyme [Serrapeptase] could have helped such a difficult condition. David contacted Robert Redfern, who is responsible for the Serrapeptase formulations marked by GHN. When David told Robert of this success, he could hardly believe his ears. This astonishment was not because he had not heard such stories before. He had heard so many, from asbestos, to Multiple Sclerosis, asthma, internal scar tissue, blocked arteries and many more. What was so different about this was, despite how Mike had sunk, and the number of drugs he had been taking, he responded so quickly.

Nearly 20 Months later, Mike has had another piece of startling information. He was told by the optometrist that, for the first time in his life, (he is now 38 years old) his eyes were perfect. Of course, he already knew this as he could even read the small print on guarantees. Previously, he had to use the versions supplied for the blind and partially sighted.

In addition to his use of SerraPlus+, Mike also uses MaxiFocus for his eyesight, and Curcumin98 [Curcumin], for his whole body. He can now stand without crutches, visits a gym 3 times per week, and is no longer taking any prescription drugs.

The Power News Network — Spring 2008

Article By Robert Redfern: Naturally Healthy Publications, with thanks to Joyce Riley and The Power Hour (TPH) Radio Show.

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