Mike Tawse’s Remarkable Return To Health: By Perry A~

Regular readers will know that I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement of Perry A~. Perry has written a short article giving her personal view of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far. It is my pleasure to include it here, in full and in Perry’s own words.

Mike Tawse is a man who refuses to settle for limited solutions. He is 100% responsible for his return to better health. Despite his doctor’s dark prognosis for Mike’s situation and the medical profession’s equally gloomy prescription drug approach in treating him with traditional side-effect riddled drugs, Mike overcame.

You see Mike was born with cerebral palsy, which created progressively deteriorating hardships on the rest of his body. Over the years, the traditional medical solutions begin to pile up, often creating even more conflicting challenges for Mike. Eventually it looked like Mike would only have a few years before his body organs would give way to the strain. Mike is not one to settle for bad news. He searched for answers beyond traditional medicine and created his own pathway to a greatly improved quality of life. Oh, he still has and always will have cerebral palsy but the quality of life factor has greatly improved. A true non-medical miracle.

I say non-medical because Mike discovered some of the medicines prescribed for him were causing conflicting reactions. The overlapping side effects of which were pushing him closer to death’s door. After taking Serrapeptase for a couple of weeks, Mike’s doctors witnessed remarkable changes in his level of health. Together they decided to start taking Mike off the prescription medicines altogether. In about six weeks, after taking Serrapeptase, they had weaned Mike off all prescription drugs and he has regained significant use of muscles, heart and body organs as well as a great improvement and return of vision.

At this point, you must know that Mike made the final decision despite a few warnings about the dangers of changing his former medical protocol. A very courageous move by Mike. He paid attention to a source deep within that led him to follow his heart rather than these doctors. Good thing he did or his heart may have failed if he had kept on the medical/doctor path. He is long past their date for his demise and doing better than ever I might add. As of February 19, 2008, Mike has already lived 1029 days longer, WITHOUT MEDICATION, than the doctors had predicted. The real cure was Mike’s determination and willingness to go challenge the norm and take his life in his own hands. Way to go Mike!

Mike found better alternatives to prescription medications through a chain of events that led him to new sources of healthy choices. He listened to The Power Hour radio show and through Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist was connected to the right people at the right time. However, I will say it was Mike’s research and inner knowing that led him to the right information and decisions.

Mike was not through however. He knew after years of taking up to 14 prescription medicines, it was time to rid himself of the accumulated residual toxins stored in the tissues of his body. Mike heard about the amazing benefits of a certain Calcium Bentonite clay, Therapeutic Living Clay, through listening to The Power Hour. After hearing an actual interview on Calcium Bentonite Clay… Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, conducted between Joyce and myself on The Power Hour, Mike contacted me and we discussed a program of using Calcium Bentonite Clay to eliminate the toxic build up in his body. He began to notice a difference in his energy level and other positive effects after starting a daily regime of clay. Clay is a simple, safe God-given substance that is an energy booster, pH Buffer and a pathway for eliminating toxins.

I have found in life that we are all handicapped in some way – some more noticeable than others. Mike might be somewhat constricted as compared to most people but handicapped is not a word to describe this gracious soul. He is so full of appreciation and gratitude and he has gone to great lengths to share his story and give hope to many others facing health challenges. It has been my greatest honour to know and work with Mike and to be asked to contribute to his story. Thank you, Mike, for not settling for a less than healthy body.

Perry A~
The Living Clay Company

Perry A~ is the author of, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Nature’s Pathway To Healing, and has been an ongoing student in the study of Bentonite Clays since the early 1990′s. It was then she first tried a green healing Calcium Bentonite Clay that captured her fascination as to the incredible healing potential of dirt. Perry has been an advocate for this clay ever since. She is available for interviews and can be reached at 1-866-262-5611 in US and 001-512-262-7187 for International.


I am delighted to say that Perry A~ has published an official update to her popular, and informative book. Perry’s new book is, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Nature’s Pathway To Healing, It is the definitive guide to understanding how clays work. During the nine years since the original book was written, Perry A~ has continued to research, explore and discover more amazing facts, uses, and applications of Calcium Bentonite Clays.

Perry A~ guides her readers through scientific data and research, history lessons, and testimonials. She provides readers with precise protocols to use clay for optimising one’s personal well being. Readers will gain a profound appreciation and awe of Calcium Bentonite Clay’s powerful abilities yet gentle actions.

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