More Progress, More Energy, Less Weight

In the last few days, I have noticed a welcome, but unexpected, development in my health. My weight seems to be dropping. Since I have to be weighed sitting down, I am not sure exactly how much weight I have lost, but it cannot be insignificant. My waist measurement seems to have dropped by approximately an inch in just three days.

I am still waiting for medical confirmation of what may be happening since these changes seem to be dramatic and certainly unexpected. The advice that I have received so far suggests that this change could have occurred merely because my metabolism has speeded up. If this is the case, I believe that it is linked to the fact that Serrapeptase is removing more and more inflammation from my system and that the range of foods I can eat is increasing for the first time in many years, making general nutrition easier to manage.

My energy level is still stable and, if anything, it is increasing. With this in mind, I am hoping to be able to continue regular physiotherapy (physical therapy) and to get back up on my feet using crutches in the next few weeks. Although a recent assessment was positive, I have not yet been able to undertake regular treatment due to the great British phenomena of the waiting list.

My heart, lungs and digestive system continue to work well, and I am even beginning to get used to the idea that they may continue to do so. As you know the level of pain I experienced due to the spasms of cerebral palsy began to reduce some time ago now, but the stiffness of my muscles and joints remained. It is, of course, still there and always will be, but my range of movement seems to be more comfortable.


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