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In the latest US edition of Serrapeptase News (Naturally Healthy Publications), Robert Redfern writes:

I have renamed my book as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase. I did not do this lightly, as I think the word ‘miracle’ is generally misused and too easily thrown around, especially in the nutritional field.

If you have read my book and followed my newsletters, you may realize why I am so enthusiastic about this enzyme. I was finally convinced to not only change the name of the book but to also create a web site to go with it, when the story of 36-year-old Mike Tawse first surfaced. Mike, a cerebral palsy sufferer since birth, revealed that life was so bad at the end of 2005 that he felt he could not endure another year on 14 drugs that hardly made a difference. I thought I had heard it all with Serrapeptase, but his story impressed me so much, I knew that Serrapeptase was deserving of the name, ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. You can read his full testimony on page 3, but remember it is only up to this point in time.

Even though it may seem miraculous we are looking for greater changes and will keep you informed on the website.

Robert Redfern

Serrapeptase News (USA) issue 4 July 2006.

Robert has been kind enough to tell me both publicly (on The Power Hour Radio Show) and privately that he is inspired by my progress, but when I read this article yesterday, I was amazed to receive such an incredible compliment. I have known for some time about the new website, known as The Serrapeptase Forum, and I have, of course, been very happy that My Serrapeptase Adventure has been included as a part of it. However, I had no idea that it had played such a significant role in inspiring Robert to set up the new site or to make changes to his book.

Once again, I would like to thank Robert for his continued inspiration. Yesterday evening I was able to go out for a meal with one of my friends who, this time last year, had wondered if I would actually survive until now. It was hard for me to tell which one of us was more excited.

The incredible improvements in my health, which started when I first took Serrapeptase in January 2006, continue to allow me to rebuild quality of life I thought I had lost long ago.


In July 2006, Robert informed me that, having learnt of my experience of using Serrapeptase in the management and reduction of the impact of my Cerebral Palsy (CP) symptoms, he had renamed his book as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase.

Since the 2009 edition, the book has included a section called The Mike Tawse Story – From Wheelchair To Wings. I would like to take this, and every opportunity to thank Robert Redfern for the privilege of sharing My Serrapeptase Adventure with the world.

The newest edition of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase was released in 2018.

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