My Eyesight Has Improved Again!

In recent weeks, my eyesight has improved, yet again. In November 2006, I was thrilled to report that my vision had improved significantly since taking Curcumin regularly. At that time, I found I was able to read eight-point print, for the first time ever.

In the time since then, I have been delighted that the improvement in my eyesight has been maintained, and I had no particular reason to assume that it would continue to develop. Recently, things have improved even further.

I can now read six-point print! For those of you who are not familiar with print sizes, or merely prefer traditional measurements, six-point print gives an actual character size of one-twelfth of (1/12) of an inch.

You might think that My Serrapeptase Adventure should have taught me to expect the unexpected, but I am still surprised, excited and very grateful for every bit of progress.

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