My Sight Is Measurably Improved

This is astonishing! Yesterday, I tried The Amsler Grid again (for the first time for months). The Amsler grid was developed by Marc Amsler to allow patients to test their own central vision for early signs of Macular Degeneration so it may be treated sooner. This test consists of a grid of vertical and horizontal lines, with a dot in the centre.

I used the Amsler Grid because it gives a constant, against which I can measure my sight and not because of Macular Degeneration which, thankfully, I do not have.

Before taking Curcumin: I could see the grid and dot fine with my left eye, but with my right, it was so blurred I could not make out the grid as a whole, and I could not make out ANY of the lines or the small squares

Now, with Curcumin: The Grid and dot are perfectly clear with the left ‘good’ eye and EASILY DISTINGUISHABLE with the RIGHT ‘bad’ eye. The right eye is not as good as the left – YET, but to have any improvement is mind-blowing.


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