Natural Health: Taming Nature’s Fury!

Today, I was narrowly missed by a lightning strike, which hit the ground about 30 to 40 yards away, but it seemed far closer to me. Once I recovered from the shock of such an enormously loud sound, and a bright flash, I realised that even this drama was another opportunity to learn more about my improving health.

It is difficult to imagine that there is anyone who would not have been shocked by such an experience, or that they would not have jumped. I, of course, was no different. Cerebral palsy still makes me prone to jump (spasm) in response to unexpected sounds, or suddenly changing light levels, so, of course, I jumped at least twice… and it hurt for a few seconds. My surprise came when I realised what my body was not doing.

Since the earliest days of My Serrapeptase Adventure, I have been thrilled that I do not jump as much as I used to and that when I do, it does not usually hurt anymore. On this rare occasion when I did have spasms, which hurt, I expected my body to respond similarly to the way it would have when painful spasms were a daily event. Thankfully, I was wrong. The spasms only lasted for a few seconds, rather than the several hours, with which I was so familiar. Even more surprisingly, they did not spread throughout my body, or lock my spine. Before My Serrapeptase Adventure, I would have expected my spine to lock for some time, and to leave me in pain for the rest of the day. Instead, my muscles were back to normal, almost as quickly as I realised what had happened. I was ready to get on with my day, relieved to have avoided the worst of nature’s fury.

Once I had time to think about it, I wondered what had made such an apparently dramatic difference to the way my muscles and nervous system respond. I know that the improvements in my general health have made cerebral palsy easier to manage. This means that it can be difficult to isolate the exact reason for a specific improvement, but in this case, I am as confident as I can be that glyconutrients, in the formulation GlycoBoost are likely to be having the most direct impact upon how my nervous system and, therefore, my muscles, are behaving.

I first wrote about GlycoBoost and its potential impact upon the brain, in October 2006. I wrote, at the time, that I was looking forward to finding out what the effect of GlycoBoost would be for me. Although I have been taking it since 2006, and I am sure that it has had numerous positive impacts upon my health, I never expected to experience such clear evidence that my nervous system is responding differently, when compared with life before My Serrapeptase Adventure began. There is still much more to learn, and I am looking forward to the challenge. As soon as I have more detailed information about the impact that GlycoBoost has had upon my brain and nervous system, I look forward to sharing my findings with you.

I will, of course, always have to live with the challenges which cerebral palsy offers, each day. Nevertheless, I am in no doubt that the willingness of many good people around the world, to help me to learn, means that, for me, natural health is taming nature’s fury.


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