Physiotherapy Day At Last

December 4, 2006, was the day of my first physiotherapy appointment since regaining my health, thanks to the support of Robert Redfern (Naturally Healthy Publications), Ronnie Natali (WeCanTogether) and, of course, The Power Hour Team. I had marked it in my diary as Physiotherapy Day and promised you an update. So, here goes…

Physiotherapy Day turned out to be disappointing, but not surprising. The therapist seemed surprised that, with my medical history, I was not already dead.

His basic advice was that I should accept the fact that my physical abilities would always be limited. This would mean that I could use exercise to maintain my current skills, but I should not expect to improve them, and I was unrealistic to think I could regain those I lost over the years of illness. It would also be unlikely that I would gain any new skills.

When I showed him some of the exercises Ronnie taught me, he was surprised at what I could do – but he showed no sign of wanting to build on it.

Thankfully, regular readers and I know he is wrong! I look forward to encouraging him to see the genuine difficulties I do have as challenges to be overcome and not as blocks to progress.

I am so grateful to have found such a supportive group of people as the teams at Naturally Healthy Publications, Good Health Naturally, WeCanTogether and The Power Hour, who know the awesome power of positive thinking and hard work.

The only sad thing, for me, is there must be so many people who do not reach the light of their own potential because they live in the darkness of the expectations of other people.

I look forward to continuing to improve my own situation and to share the light of potential with others around the world. Have a Positive Day!


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