Reading The Small Print

As you may remember, during one of my chats with Joyce, on The Power Hour, we marvelled at the fact that I can read the standard entries in the BT Phonebook (The UK’s leading directory). At the time of our conversation, I did not know the precise point size, which is used. This morning, BT has just told me that they use 5.75 point.

To give an idea of scale, 72 point is ONE INCH when printed at 1:1 scale and BT is using 5.75 point

Under test conditions, I am able to read N4.5 sized print. N4.5 comes from the standard scale used in UK eye tests. In recent weeks, I have discovered that I can read print, which is considerably smaller than either of these examples is.

The difficulty has been to convert all these different scales into a single one, which we can all understand. I am currently researching a means of converting the N scale to points. I am also trying to find an objective measure of the smallest print size, which I can actually read. I think I have seen an example of it, but I am still waiting to find out what point size has been used to produce it.


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