Seeing The Difference With Curcumin

Although I have been taking Curcumin regularly for some time now, it was not until the beginning of last week that I began, literally, to ‘see’ an improvement in my health, which could be linked directly to it. Since my general health has remained good, I have been quite happy to continue taking Curcumin, on the understanding that it was supporting my health, rather than making a dramatic difference to it.

At the beginning of last week, I noticed a small, but significant, improvement in my sight. I am still awaiting confirmation at a medical level that my eyesight is improved by a measurable amount, but I can confirm today, nine days later, I am still able to read more efficiently and to follow smaller print sizes than I usually do.

To give you an example, with which many of you will be familiar:

  • I usually am able to read 12-point print, for short periods, and I can read 10-point print, for very short periods, if it is necessary
  • Since last week, I have been able to read 10-point print, for short periods, and I can read 8-point print, for very short periods, if it is necessary

This may seem a minimal improvement, and it may be too early to prove that it will be sustained. I am convinced, however, that it is a change, which shows potential. The reason for my optimism is not the size of the difference, but the fact it has happened at all. I have always understood that although my eyesight would fluctuate within its usual range, it would not improve beyond its typical best point.

I had, of course, read about the impact that many people have had on their eyesight when taking Curcumin, but I did not expect this to apply to me because the problems with my sight have two distinct causes, one of which is, as I have said, the underlying brain damage which caused my Cerebral Palsy. The second cause is what might be described as a mechanical one, that is, the fact that the muscles and tendons around my eyes do not function properly, which is also a problem, which is caused by Cerebral Palsy.

I have no idea, yet, which, if either of these causes has reacted to Curcumin, but I am looking forward to having my eyes formally tested in the next few days and to learn as much detail as possible about what may be happening.

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