Serrapeptase And Curcumin Made Easy

Making The Switch To Serranol

I have taken Serrapeptase and Curcumin every day for several years and, as regular readers know, they have transformed my health and given me back my life.

I was excited to be introduced to Serranol, which combines the complementary powers of Curcumin and Serrapeptase with Ecklonia Cava and vitamin D3, into a single product that is easier and simpler for me to take. For some time now, I have taken Serrapeptase and Curcumin at the same time because I have found them to be gentler on my stomach when taken together than they are separately.

Serranol makes it so much easier for me to get the maximum benefits from both products. The inclusion of Ecklonia Cava and vitamin D3 is an added bonus, the full impact of which is, gradually, becoming apparent to me. Although I have only been taking Serranol for a few weeks, I believe that Ecklonia Cava is already having a noticeably positive effect upon me.

When I was younger, before I was given the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medications, my short and long-term memory were among my greatest assets, but in the decade leading up to the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure, in January 2006, my memory had declined as the medication increased. Since I was able to stop all my prescription medication, in February 2006, I have noticed only slight improvements in my memory, until the beginning of September, this year, 2010.

I am now aware of the significant improvements in my short-term memory and concentration. It is undoubtedly easier to retain the details of conversations, which is a very welcome gift to have returned. It is fair to say that my memory is still not as good as it was, so many years ago, but any improvement is another blessing of My Serrapeptase Adventure. I am confident that the improvement will continue, and I am grateful for every positive step towards naturally sustained good health.

I am happy and confident to be making the switch to Serranol: The best of Serrapeptase and Curcumin made easy.

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