Serrapeptase Forever?

I am amazed to find that My Serrapeptase Adventure is fast approaching the end of its fourth full year. Once again, I find myself looking back at the events of the past and looking forward to the opportunities still to come.

My adventure continues to be one of change, progress and improving health, but it is fair to say that my condition is stable and that the improvements are less dramatic than they were in the first two years. Now that this remarkable story is becoming better known around the world via the airwaves, the internet and in print, this seems to be as good a time as any to consider some recurring questions.

No matter how people have learned about the life-changing events, which have returned me to good health, or how amazed they are by my adventure, there are three questions, which people ask most often, even if they express them in different ways.

  • You seem to have exchanged a multitude of prescription medications and a nebuliser for natural health supplements and a HealthPoint machine; have you really achieved anything?
  • If most of the life-changing improvements in your health occurred within the first two years, what do you think Serrapeptase is doing for you now?
  • If your condition is stable, the rate of change has slowed, but your good health is being maintained, do you have to, or will you want to continue taking Serrapeptase for life?

The first of these questions is a logical one to ask, but it represents a misunderstanding of my experience.

Freedom from ‘the toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication is the most life-changing single event of My Serrapeptase Adventure, but it has never been about the number of prescription medications, which I used to take, compared with the number of natural supplements, which I take today. Nor has it been about exchanging a nebuliser for a HealthPoint, which does a fantastic but very different job.

The real achievement of my adventure, which makes it a pleasure to share with you, is the life-changing contrast between my health in the decade between 1995 and December 2005 compared with the life-affirming inspiration, which my return to good health has brought me since January 2006.

In the decade before my adventure began, my health had become a relentless downward spiral. The more ill I became, the more prescription medication I was given, and the more ill I became. By December 2005 my deterioration had become so apparent to my friends that some of them were planning my funeral and in a well-meaning attempt not to upset me anymore they did not tell me about it at the time.

In contrast, the four years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far, have been filled with:

  • Life-changing, and measurable, improvements in my health
  • The opportunity to move away from medically controlled symptoms towards naturally sustained good health
  • The gift of learning from remarkable people around the world
  • The pleasure of seeing the awe-inspiring beauty of the world with fresh eyes in stunning detail, which I never thought would be possible
  • The welcome challenge of looking forward to a future filled with opportunities, which I would not have dared to dream about before the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure

I am sure that most people would agree with me that these are reasons to celebrate, but I am confident that there are more to come.

To answer the second and third questions, I will consider them together. Since Serrapeptase gave me back my life, in January 2006, I am convinced that it continues to play a crucial part in enabling me to maintain my naturally good health. For me, this is the most compelling reason to continue to take it for the rest of my life and to be grateful for each new day. Despite this, I must admit to being fascinated by the question of what Serrapeptase continues to do for me.

To answer this question, and with my condition stable, I embarked upon an experiment, which I am glad I did, but I now know that I will not repeat it by choice.

For two weeks, beginning on November 1st, 2009, I continued to take my other daily supplements: Curcumin and MaxiFocus. I also continued with the other supplements, which I take regularly but less frequently: D-RibosePlus and GlycoBoost. Throughout this time, I also continued to use the HealthPoint, to relieve the muscle tension, which characterises cerebral palsy, even now that I am pain-free. Set against this background, I took no Serrapeptase at all for the full two weeks.

I hoped to determine the impact, which Serrapeptase continues to have upon my health by finding out what, if anything, would change in as little time as two weeks. Understandably, I was nervous about what might happen, but the results were fascinating, and some of them were not what I expected.

After about 48 hours, the tension in my muscles began to increase, so that my movement was slightly more restricted than usual. Thankfully, it never reached the levels, which I had been used to, before 2006. Most amazingly of all, the pain, which used to accompany spasticity, never returned.

By the end of the first week, I noticed that my breathing was becoming a little more difficult and a persistent dry cough had returned. Interestingly, there was only a very slight build-up of fluid in my lungs and throughout the remainder of the experiment; I retained the ability to clear it easily.

I was also fascinated, and relieved, by the elements of my condition, which did not change:

  • Crucially, my heart rate remained stable and within a normal range, throughout
  • My digestive system continued to function normally, with no hint of any of my previous problems
  • My eyesight and visual perception, which are the most precious gifts of my adventure, were not affected at all. They remained as clear and as exciting as ever

Although my experiment was in no way scientific, I believe that it gave me an exciting glimpse of all that Serrapeptase continues to do for me today, but it also highlighted the fact that the other supplements do more than complement Serrapeptase. Each of them has a significant role to play in my continued good health. I am also as sure as I can be that it is the HealthPoint, which provides effective relief from the muscle tension of cerebral palsy.

I believe that this experiment suggests sustainable improvements in my health and the ease with which I can manage my condition. It also makes it very clear that Serrapeptase is working for me on many levels. It was Serrapeptase that removed the pain of spasticity, at the very beginning of my adventure, before I learned about the other supplements or the HealthPoint.

I am now equally sure, that since the pain did not return, but the muscular tension of spasticity increased while remaining well below the levels it reached before the start of 2006, that Serrapeptase is still a defining part of a more complex solution.

It reminds me that cerebral palsy will always be with me and that it is the combined power of Serrapeptase, Curcumin, the HealthPoint, D-RibosePlus, and GlycoBoost, which enables me to manage it.

In 2010, I hoped to build upon all that I learnt during these two weeks by doing some detailed research into the scientific basis for these results. I am well aware that the experience of one person over such a short time is not enough upon which to base any conclusions, but I hope that it may provide a springboard for the next phase of my learning. I look forward to continuing to learn from the fantastic people who enable and inspire My Serrapeptase Adventure, and to meeting and learning from new people and new experiences in the year ahead.

I am delighted to have returned to the full complement of supplements, and to find that my condition has returned to its best. I am left in no doubt that I will need, and be happy, to take Serrapeptase forever.


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