Serrapeptase To The Rescue?

I first took Serrapeptase on January 3rd 2006, and I was a little sceptical, but not for long! By January 5th, I knew things were changing. That evening I coughed up a large amount of thick, yellow ‘gunge’ throughout several hours. It was distinctly unpleasant, but somehow very satisfying.

By the following morning, I was already feeling considerably better, but I had no idea how much things would change. Over the next few days, my stomach pain reduced, then disappeared (except when eating). Within a day or two, I was sleeping much better too.

My lung capacity has improved immensely, from an average peak-flow of 310 – 350 litres per minute, before Serrapeptase, to an average of 490 – 560 litres per minute now.

Within the last week, I have also begun to be able to eat small amounts of food without pain. Although I still cough a little during and after eating, even this is reducing. My energy levels are lifting, slowly.

Throughout this time, I have reduced my prescription medication to almost nothing, but I still have most of it available, should I need it.

I hope you will agree that this is excellent progress over such a short time. Who knows what is next? Watch out for the next update.


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