Six Months Of Adventure!

July 3, 2006, marked exactly six months since I first took Serrapeptase. Therefore, I visited my GP (family doctor) for a regular check-up. Despite the fantastic improvements in my health, since January, I did not expect the dramatic news, which I was about to receive.

Regular readers will remember that I stopped taking my prescription medication in February and that I have had no ill effects from doing so. Although I have not used my prescription medication for several months now, my repeat prescriptions were left in place. This meant that if my health deteriorated or my condition changed in any negative way, I could reorder the medications (a limited number of times) without the need for a face-to-face meeting with the doctor. This was intended to give me a safety net if I needed it.

Now, five months after stopping my prescription medications, it has finally been agreed that I’m doubtful ever to need them again and even less likely to want them. Finally, it seems, the medics have accepted that, at best, my health may continue to improve and, at worst, it can be expected to remain stable.

After careful, detailed, checks of my heart function, blood pressure and lung function, which have ALL been confirmed as NORMAL, my repeat prescriptions have, finally, been stopped! The significance of this is hard to overestimate. Although its content has changed many times, I have had some form of repeat prescription for as long as I can remember. In simple terms, this means that for the first time in many years the medical profession has accepted that I do not need regular medication of any kind.

Although I have been enjoying the benefits of Serrapeptase, since January and, more recently Probiotic14 and Nature’s Living Superfood, I continue to be amazed by the speed and stability of my progress.

I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support of my GP and her colleagues and for their willingness to support me in taking what must have seemed to them to be something of a risk.

You may remember that I have been keen to resume physiotherapy (physical therapy) as soon as possible and particularly since I began to walk short distances once again. Since I have not had much success in overcoming the Great British disease of the waiting list, I am delighted that my GP has also agreed to support my request to resume rehabilitative physiotherapy as soon as possible. I look forward to continuing on My Serrapeptase Adventure and to finding out what the future holds. Of course, I will keep you updated with all my progress.


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