The Book Is On Its Way

I started working on the new book at the beginning of January 2012. I am still developing the ideas for the book, but I can say that it tells the full story of the four life-changing years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, and of “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme,” Serrapeptase, which gave me back my life in January 2006. It is a great, continuing, health adventure, enabled by the sharing of information on the internet, the airwaves and in print. It is a story of personal determination, inspired by the kindness of people around the world.

Since I learnt about Serrapeptase, Curcumin, MaxiFocus, Hydrosol Silver and other natural products, I have been able to move away from medically controlled symptoms, towards naturally sustained good health. The book will provide an overview of the research findings, which encouraged me to embark upon my adventure, together with my current, and continuing research.

It is becoming more obvious, by the day, that the health system is, in fact, dominated by corporate greed and control. It is a system in which good health outcomes are much less of a priority than most people believe or would want them to be. The true goal is mass control. In February 2006, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase, cleared my lungs and freed me from the tyranny of the ‘toxic cocktail,’ known as prescription medication. My own struggle to overcome the power of this system led me to call myself: The Health-Care Survivor and to be sure that life and health are far too precious to be abdicated to an industry. My Serrapeptase Adventure has taught me that it is crucial to defend the right of people to know the difference between health care and medical care and to be able to make an informed choice between them. My selection of news, recommended books and research, focuses upon some of the critical issues, which I believe that each one of us must be able to address at a personal level and also as responsible members of society, to regain and maintain naturally sustainable good health.

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