The Evolution Of Mike Tawse: By Ronnie Natali

Regular readers will know that I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement of Ronnie Natali. Ronnie has written a short article giving his personal view of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far. It is my pleasure to include it here, in full and in Ronnie’s own words.

Last year I was contacted by one of the most inspirational people I have ever met in my 35+ years of living and over 20 years in the wellness industry. He had a sense of such incredible optimism that I was shocked to later find out he has experienced a lifetime of adversities. Initially I was unaware of the gist of the challenges he was facing until we had the opportunity to speak in-depth. From the very beginning this man was so enthusiastically determined to improve his life that he would let no one or thing discourage him by seeking out people who he felt shared his positive enthusiasm and believed in making a difference.

This incredibly inspiring man is Mike Tawse…

Mike’s story of his life was absolutely amazing to me as I truly believe he has been put here to change people’s lives with his incredible zest for a better life.

Throughout my time teaching, coaching, training and advising Mike, I have to say he has and continues to amaze me with his accomplishments that I accredit to him and his committed determination. Against all odds, Doctors, therapists, specialists, family and lack thereof, not to mention his Cerebral Palsy, Mike has and continues to disbelieve and defy multiple “impossibilities” that were placed on him.

His progression over the last year has been remarkable in the sense that he has overcome so many adversities, physical, mental and emotional that he refused to accept because he believed he could…and did.

I continue to tell Mike how incredible and inspiring he is to me every time we speak. I continue to brag about his progress and determination as I work with perfectly healthy people every day who struggle to see how fortunate they are for their health and mobility.

Mike can only be described as “AMAZING” and is an inspiration to anyone and everyone who is fortunate enough to be graced with his presence. Mike is now and always will be a “Friend” to me and a real “INSPIRATION” to believe and never give up!

To all who have the opportunity to read this, please understand Mike is no longer a client of mine, my work is done by the grace of God and Mike is now working in me to help others!

Thanks Mike, for improving my life so I may improve others…

Ronnie Natali
Fitness Coach


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