The Great British Waiting List Strikes Again!

This is a quick update on the physiotherapy (Physical) therapy situation. Yesterday, (August 29th, 2006) I was informed that I should not even receive the letter telling me I have an appointment before November 6th and that the actual appointment date may not be for as long as six weeks after that.

I know my health is improving and I do not intend to criticise doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists or any other health care professionals. It seems to me that the obsession of successive governments with management theories, targets and statistics, means that improving health and fitness is not what The National ‘Health’ Service is about.


Yesterday (September 11th), I received another telephone call to advise me that I would be notified of my physiotherapy appointment within eight weeks.

I am still not sure whether this was intended to reassure or annoy me by reminding me of the waiting list, or if it was, the administrator’s way of convincing herself that she was doing something.


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