The Privilege Of Meeting Robert And David For The First Time

Speaking on The Power Hour in June 2006, after my contribution was completed, Robert Redfern spoke of visiting me, and of introducing me to HealthPoint, saying:

…If I can just add just a little bit more to his adventure, then I’m privileged.

It was, of course, I who was privileged to meet with Robert, and his colleague David, last week. It was great to meet them, after so many phone calls, e-mails and even, thanks to Joyce Riley, appearing on the radio together in June.

When we met, last week, we spent most of the time talking about the incredible impact that Serrapeptase continues to have for me. Although the ‘changes’ in my health are less dramatic now, the improvement continues to build steadily.

My muscles are stronger and more reliable. I can get from sitting to standing without using my hands, which is something which I have not been able to do since I was a young child, but I do still have to hold on once standing. The thing to remember is that this has all happened without physiotherapy, which I am still waiting for.

My lung capacity is still strong, and my heart rate is stable. I was even able to visit one of my friends a couple of weeks ago, which meant having to handle a flight of stairs, on my hands and knees. Of course, this raised my heart and breathing rate, but they recovered in minutes with no adverse effect. My friend used to have to visit me so that I could avoid the stairs.

I credit much of this to the Serrapeptase, but also to Ronnie Natalie, (WeCanTogether) who has been working tirelessly with me on exercise and diet, since September.

I was pleased to be able to share all this with Robert and David, and to get even more tips from them, including more information about Curcumin, which I now take every day.

My introduction to HealthPoint was brief but fascinating. I am looking forward to learning more, and I am convinced I will gain a lot from it, although I have to get someone to help me with it because my coordination is not quite good enough for it, yet.


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