The Surprise That Proved My Progress So Far

On September 21, I had another consultation with Ronnie Natali ( Our conversation was, as always, positive, informative and encouraging. For the first few minutes, I thought it would be typical of the previous ones. Ronnie would describe exercises and dietary ideas, and I would report my progress so far and get detailed answers to my many questions.

Our conversation began as usual, but Ronnie had a surprise for me, which would prove my progress to me in an exciting way, which even I could not question. I was asked to use my hands-free phone system so that I could undertake some of the exercises contained in my programme, while still being able to describe what I was doing and to hear specific instructions.

For many people, this may seem a straightforward thing to do. So, what was so dramatic and exciting? The exercise programme, which has been devised for me, includes a mixture of exercises, some of which can be performed while I am in my wheelchair, but many of which require me to get out of it and work on the floor.

The exciting thing for me is that I was able to move from the wheelchair to the floor and back again several times to complete a variety of exercises, while still being able to hold a coherent conversation on the telephone without my breathing or heart rate being adversely affected.

Of course, the exercises caused my heart and breathing rates to increase, as they are intended to do, but both remained stable and well within normal ranges, allowing me plenty of breath control to concentrate on my conversation at the same time. I also noticed that my recovery rate has improved dramatically so that my heart rate and breathing returned to resting rates very quickly once I had completed the exercises.

As regular readers will know, I have been delighted with the improvements in my general fitness, which have steadily developed since the very earliest stages of My Serrapeptase Adventure. The impact of Serra Enzyme and, later, SerraPlus+, was evident to me in a matter of just a few days. Many of my friends noticed it, and we have all been thrilled to see it continue. However, the ability to undertake a level of physical exertion, which I have not been used to for years, to talk to someone throughout and to recover quickly, is something which none of them nor I can have expected.


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