Time To Get Fit Again!

I have always known that maintaining good health means much more than merely being free of disease and prescription medication. It is equally important to achieve and to support the best possible level of fitness. Once again, it is time to renew my gym membership, and I hope, this time, to be able to sign up for a full year, subject to any medical approval, which may be necessary.

I am looking forward to my continuing progress towards improved fitness and even greater good health.

The Fitness Story So Far

Following a conversation, off-air, with Joyce Riley (The Power Hour), in September 2006, I decided to contact Ronnie Natali, at WeCanTogether for advice. Ronnie was able to design an exercise programme, which was not intended to replace physiotherapy (physical therapy), but which was intended to complement it.

Unfortunately, regular readers will remember that by the time of my physiotherapy appointment, in December 2006, it became clear that the therapist was more interested in my medical history than in my potential and determination to improve my health and fitness. At the time, I wrote:

[The therapist’s] basic advice was that I should accept the fact that my physical abilities would always be limited. This would mean that I could use exercise to maintain my current abilities, but I should not expect to improve them, and I was unrealistic to think I could regain those I lost over the years of illness. It would also be unlikely that I would gain any new skills.

Even when I showed him some of the exercises Ronnie taught me, his response was surprise at what I could do – but no sign of wanting to build on it. … Thankfully, regular readers and I know [the therapist] is wrong! … The only sad thing, for me, is there must be so many people who do not reach the light of their own potential, because they live in the darkness of the expectations of other people.

Now Back To The Good News

I am so grateful to have found such a supportive group of people as the teams at Naturally Healthy Publications, Good Health Naturally, WeCanTogether and The Power Hour, who know the awesome power of positive thinking and hard work.

In March 2007, one of my friends recommended that I visit a local gym, which is run by a team who, clearly, are not scared by the idea that people with disabilities might actually want to do something to develop their fitness and support general good health.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at The Power League Gym for their continued support and encouragement. I continue to be impressed by their determination to develop a programme of exercise, which allows me to maximise my potential and is therefore flexible enough to keep pace with it, while taking full and proper account of the limitations, which I will always face, as a result of cerebral palsy. Perhaps this is an attitude from which the National HEALTH Service (NHS) should learn.

I look forward to reporting my continued remarkable progress, which has been the hallmark of My Serrapeptase Adventure, from the very start, and which has been accelerated dramatically since I joined the gym, last year.

Have a positive day!


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