Time To Get Fit!

Now that I know my health is stable, it is time for me to get fit! It is for this reason that I recently asked for physiotherapy, which would enable me to improve my range of movement strength and endurance while taking full account of the limitations imposed by cerebral palsy. Once it became clear that it would take several months to arrange an appointment, I settled down to wait for it to come through.

Following a conversation with Joyce Riley (The Power Hour), I decided to contact Ronnie Natali, at WeCanTogether.com for advice. Ronnie has been able to design an exercise programme, which will not replace physiotherapy, but which should complement it.

Throughout the many years of illness and physical pain, which had dominated my life for many years, before January 2006, food had become something which had to be dealt with and managed, but which I was unable to enjoy. In turn, this meant that I had lost much of my confidence and even, I think, some of the knowledge I had about how to plan a balanced diet. Thankfully, Ronnie has been able to work with me to produce a detailed nutrition plan, which includes daily menus and even shopping lists.

Since both these programmes are still in their early stages, I am not entirely sure how they will develop. I am, however, delighted to have the opportunity to regain my physical abilities and to become confident to enjoy food once again. I want to thank Ronnie for his kindness, patience and determination.


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