To Vaccinate Or To Stay Healthy

Anyone who heard yesterday’s edition of The Power Hour will know that I have made a firm, personal, decision not to accept the swine flu vaccination. Although my reasons are a matter of personal choice, I believe that they are based upon logic:

  • My Serrapeptase Adventure has freed me from the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication, so it makes little sense to me to accept a vaccination that is not compulsory
  • I am not convinced that the risk of swine flu is significant enough, to merit unnecessary medical intervention
  • I am concerned about the potentially negative impact of some of the individual ingredients, listed in the vaccines offered in the UK
  • I am most concerned that it will not be possible to determine the long-term effects of this vaccination until it has been in long-term use, but there is a growing number of reports of adverse reactions among people who have been vaccinated
  • Since I do not have any means to independently evaluate all the available scientific data, I have decided that I will not take a vaccine, the benefits of which are at least as uncertain as the risks

As always, I will continue to be happy to learn, if any conclusive evidence becomes available, but I am as sure as I can be that the choice I must make is to vaccinate or to stay healthy. It is a natural choice for me to make. I choose health every time.


The National Pandemic Swine Flu Service in England closed yesterday (February 10th, 2010), due to a drop in cases and in the use of the service. At last! Less hype next time, please…


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