Winter Cold Meets The Sunshine Of Olive Groves

Winter has started early this year with October snowfall, in some parts of England, for the first time in decades. Although my health is better now than I ever thought it could be, I am still prone to coughs and colds. The good news is that they do not seem to have such a dramatic effect on me as they used to do. Unfortunately, it still seems to take me longer than most people to fight them off.

With this in mind, I have been keen to find a natural and safe way to boost my immune system, which would complement Serrapeptase, Curcumin, and everything else, which has helped me so far.

Since learning about Blockbuster AllClear, I have been interested in the potential of olive leaf extract. I have now increased the amount of olive leaf extract I am taking with The Original Olive Leaf Extract.

The olive tree produces a powerful healing substance known as Oleuropein, a phenolic compound, chemically proven to have disease resistant properties. Since ancient times the extract from olive trees was used against:

  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial infections

It is still used and recognised today by agriculturists, herbalists and holistic doctors as a very effective and completely safe all-natural healer.

To learn more about the enormous therapeutic benefits of Olive Leaf Extract, it is highly recommended you read the book Olive leaf Extract by Dr Morton Walker.


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