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Mike Tawse:
The Health-Care Survivor

I was born with spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, which affects everyone slightly differently. For me, it has restricted my mobility and muscle control and my eyesight and visual perception were severely limited, which made reading particularly difficult.

I grew up reassured by the knowledge that cerebral palsy was a stable condition, which would not degenerate. In common with many people with congenital (lifelong) disabilities, in the UK, I was put through a mix of special and mainstream education and I was treated by a succession of doctors, surgeons and therapists of all kinds, many of whom added to the toxic cocktail, usually called prescription medication, of which they all seem to be so fond. Therefore, once I accepted my limitations and overcame or managed some other difficulties, it should have been possible to live a life, which was not dominated by my health… or the lack of it.

By the late 1990s, cerebral palsy was ready to remind me that it often has a sting in its tail, about which very few people are told until it strikes. It is true that the underlying brain damage which caused it had not changed, but the cumulative effect of the wear and tear caused to every system of the body simply by living with it, combined with years of toxicity from prescription medication had begun to overpower me and to send my health into a relentless downward spiral. In December 2005, I had finally accepted that this would be my lot for as much time as I had left and that there might not be very much of it.

So much has changed since then; I am now seeing the world with fresh eyes. My return to naturally sustained good health, since January 2006, continues to amaze me every day.

My Serrapeptase Adventure is the remarkable story of “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme”, Serrapeptase, which gave me back my life in January 2006. It goes on to chart the four life-changing years in which I learnt that many of the symptoms from which Serrapeptase has rescued me were, in fact, known, and even expected, side effects of the toxic cocktail of prescription medications, which I took before I knew about Serrapeptase and to which I have never needed to return.

Since I learnt about Serrapeptase, I have been able to move away from medically controlled symptoms, towards naturally sustained good health.

The Thinker:
Auguste Rodin
Thought For The Day
Real Medicine Is Natural Medicine, Not The Pharmaceutical Alternative. — Mike Tawse

Our world has become smaller and we can easily exchange information with each other. That’s a context in which we can try to develop more compassionate attitudes among our seven billion fellow human beings. One thing we need to understand is that the real source of trouble for us all is not something outside us but something here within. It’s our feelings of suspicion, fear and anger that we really need to subdue.

Dalai Lama

Our potential comes not from what we know, but from what we are willing to learn.

Mike Tawse

I started Thought For The Day in 2008, when two of the remarkable people who have enabled and inspired my return to good health, suggested that I should publish some of my own thoughts, and my favourite quotations from others, which I added to the end of my e-mails to them.