Find Your Peace Within

Find your peace within, hold it sacred, bring it with you everywhere you go. Peace cannot be shared or created with others if we cannot first generate it within.

Cleo Wade

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We Are All Amazing Beings

We are all geniuses, we are all spontaneous healers, we are all amazing beings. We have to stop poisoning ourselves, and allowing these big corporations, and media conglomerates, and lawmakers to feed us poison and call it food or to feed us poison and call it medicine. We have to get back to basics, where we’re eating nourishment and not poison.

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger

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Inspiration: One Of The Greatest Things In The World

Let’s continue… let’s move on… let’s do… let’s talk… let’s achieve… and let’s not quit inspiring… because inspiration is one of the greatest things in the world that anyone can do for another human being.

Joyce Riley

From a recording, for My Serrapeptase Adventure website, 18th November 2008. Joyce hosts The Power Hour Radio Show. Read More