We Are All Amazing Beings

We are all geniuses, we are all spontaneous healers, we are all amazing beings. We have to stop poisoning ourselves, and allowing these big corporations, and media conglomerates, and lawmakers to feed us poison and call it food or to feed us poison and call it medicine. We have to get back to basics, where we’re eating nourishment and not poison.

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger

The Conspiracy Of Poor Health

  • This is what I call the greatest health conspiracy of all time: the institutionalized effort prevent you from realizing that you are born with all the programming you need to create perfect health and even heal yourself of deadly disease.
  • Even though this universal, fundamental truth is undeniable, nearly every modern institution of medicine, food, science and media tries to convince you that we’re all born with ‘defects’ requiring medical intervention to be ‘healthy’.
  • The truth is far more empowering: You are born as a complete, empowered human being, requiring no injections, medications or interventions to achieve and express perfect health!
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